PregnancylawyerLabor lawyer for employees fired due to pregnancy, denied maternity leave, harassed due to pregnancy
Age Discrimination EmploymentThe best age discrimination cases involve nasty comments about a worker’s age. Often these comments amount to actual age harassment. The following comments are
Age Discrimination In Boston MassachusettsAge Discrimination In Massachusetts Is Illegal 1B. For an employer in the private sector, by himself or his agent, because of the age of any individual, to
Age Discrimination LawyerAge Discrimination Lawyers for wrongful termination, laid offs, forced severance
Boston Employment AttorneyOur attorneys have the experience, knowledge and aggressiveness to take on any case, no matter how large, and against any opponent, no matter how intimidating.
Boston Employment Contracts AttorneyExperienced employee contract lawyer to sue employer for breached employment contract
Boston Whistleblower AttorneyThe top reasons how a Massachusetts Employees can sue for whistle blowing at work includes: 1) they complain about matters that constitute discrimination or
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Family Medical Leave LawyerThe Family Medical Leave Act covers leaves of absence from work for: 1) To care for an employee’s own serious medical condition 2) To care for the serious
Holiday Pay Overtime Boston MassachusettsHoliday Pay and Overtime Attorney in Boston, Massachusetts Restrictions on business openings on Sundays and legal holidays, commonly known as the Massachusetts
Leaves Of Absence Attorney MassachusettsExperienced Leave of Absence Lawyer to sue Employer For Denied Leaves of Absence
Massachusetts Discrimination AttorneyEmployment Discrimination Lawyers for age, disability, FMLA, pregnancy, race, and sex discrimination
Massachusetts Employment Law FirmOur attorneys have the experience, knowledge and aggressiveness to take on any case, no matter how large, and against any opponent, no matter how intimidating.
Massachusetts Is At The Forefront Of Labor Protection For Associational HandicapThe Massachusetts Supreme Court determined the state associational discrimination statute covered a father who had to pick his daughter up from school because
Massachusetts Sexual Harassment AttorneyEmployers are strictly liable for sexual harassment done by supervisors, managers, and higher level employees. This means the victim of sexual harassment does
Retaliation Claims In EmploymentMany employment statutes have anti-retaliation provisions. Retaliation includes job terminations and other adverse job consequences. The federal discrimination
Terminated Because Of Military Leave Boston MassachusettsTerminated Because of Military Leave in Boston, Massachusetts 1D. For an employer, an employment agency, the commonwealth or any of its political subdivisions,
Unpaid Wages Attorney MassachusettsMassachusetts laws provides a minimum set of standards for when, how and how much employees must be paid. Learn more about these requirements by consulting with